Today was our first day as a finally completed camp! Beginning our day by cooking a scrumptious breakfast with our new friends was the greatest way to start our first full day together. After a yummy, classic Canadian breakfast of eggs, bacon, yogurt, toast, waffles, fruits, cereals and more, we headed off for our lessons in our new classes. We are all named after sea creatures! All of our lessons were the perfect mix of learning and fun!

After lessons, our lunch was served by our lovely teachers in Happy Hut where we ate appetizers, noodles, meat, vegetables and delicious treats. Lunch was followed by a fun activity called Loose Moose! Sean came to teach us about alternative ways of learning, how to be more creative and all about being silly, making friends, and the art of improvisation! We watched our friends try their hand at different acting skills and took our own turns!

The afternoon was dedicated to meeting with other students from our countries and getting to plan what meal we wanted to make and present for international supper. This was the only time we got to know how our friends spoke in our own language! It was funny to speak anything other than English. We selected our best meals, made recipes and grocery lists and appointed head chefs to take the lead on cooking. We can’t wait to see how international supper will turn out on Monday!

Dinner was at a famous Canadian restaurant called Denny’s. The food was delicious while the company and conversation were even better. We hoped back on the bus and returned to our apartments to play board games with our new roommates and apartment mates. We got to know more about each other, play cool Canadian games and laugh all night!

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