Today was another non-stop and fun day at wynchemna! We started out eating a scrumptious breakfast with our friends and headed off to our lessons. We learned all about idioms, did scavenger hunts to create our own stories and tried to figure out which of our friends elaborate stories were true and which were false.

After lessons we had a delicious and filling lunch before throwing on our running shoes and heading off to explore our new city through the Great Canadian Race!

Our teachers let us take charge today and we took off to interact with Canadians, learn more about Canada’s culture and history and to see some of Calgary’s best surprises!

After we tried our best to finish all of our tasks that included dancing with strangers, finding out the oldest store in Canada and getting a free fortune cookie, we headed out to an Indian food buffet. We learned all about how the food was made and met the family running the restaurant. We had a real city experience tying out the train on the way home tonight and were excited to experience how friendly everyone was.

Before bed we had one of the most exciting events of the day! Our classmate Lucas turned 15 today so we had a birthday party. Our teachers gave him a present and we all had cake. But nothing beats the best part of having your birthday at Wynchemna: having everyone sing happy birthday to you in their language!

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