Wow what a busy day here at Wynchemna! We started off our day with a delicious breakfast, and headed off to awesome lessons. Lots of learning here at Wynchemna, we learned about some homophones, made some bucket lists, looked at some important careers and so much more!

But here is the big event of the day, INTERNATIONAL SUPPER!!!! We all headed out to the supermarkets to find all the ingredients we needed to make delicious food. In case you don’t remember a few days ago we had a very important meeting with all of our countries to plan out recipes of our favourite foods from home. Today we split up, our head chefs stayed to teach the rest of their team how to make the food. Step one, ingredients! We all headed out with our recipes bought all the food we needed and trekked it back to SAIT to start cooking. We cooked for hours running around, getting everything we needed, helping each other out. We had food from Mexico, China, Germany, Taiwan, Czech Republic, Japan, Italy, and France! So much food! And we ate all of it! We ate out hearts out, excited to eat some food from home, but mainly to try food from all over the world. The students were so proud to showcase all their hard work.

But the fun of our night wasn’t over, we headed over to visit the Porcupines, another camp here at Wynchemna. They were having a talent show tonight and invited us to be the audience.What a special treat. We saw magic tricks, singing, dancing, artwork, and even the teachers put on a special performance! One sad thing is that our dear teacher Katie has to go today, she is travelling to Germany to teach. A great opportunity but she will definitely be missed! A truly amazing day here at Wynchemna. Who knows what tomorrow may hold?

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