Today was another fun day full of sports at wynchemna!
Our day began with a delicious and filling breakfast that sustained us for lessons. Today we played the whisper challenge, discussed spooky animals, travel habits and our futures! Lessons get more fun each day.

After a scrumptious lunch we headed off in groups to try our best at rock climbing and golf. Teacher Arron is a golf pro and taught us all how to drive the ball across the green as far as we could. We had competitions and the girl and boy who hit the ball the furthest won! But we all were the real winners, practicing and refining our golf skills. After golf we headed to rock climbing. We learned how to belay and how to climb. Conquering our fears, we strived to reach the top of the walls, each time trying a harder one.

After eating dinner all together with our friends, chatting and catching up about the days events, we headed to the Olympic Oval for some real Canadian Ice Skating! The Olympic Oval is one of three indoor ovals you can skate on in the entire world! Some of us were pros at skating and others just beginners. We helped each other, holding hands and pushing around the red skate buddies. We felt like we were finally real Canadians!

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