Another great day full of laughter and learning at Wynchemna! We awoke as usual to an amazing breakfast: a cornucopia of fruit, waffles, maple syrup, and cereal, couple this some fun and engaging English lessons and we have an great start to a great day! Our famous chef Meagan’s lunch at Happy Hut was delicious as usual, with our bellies full we were ready for another exciting day of activities.

With everyone outside and full of energy we set off in our big yellow school bus off to rock climbing and beach volleyball! Having rock climbed already we got to skip the boring learning part and get right onto the wall, most of us got right to the top! Beach volleyball was both competitive sand a lot of fun, the enjoyment just got everywhere!

We finished off the day with a visit to the famous Swiss Chalet fine dining restaurant which specializes in creamy chicken penne. After we went to a loose moose???!? It was comical improvisational brilliance. We another healthy dose of laughter from Canada’s famous improv show.

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