Soaring Horned Owls – August 9 – Kayaking, Canadian Football & Casino Night!

Today was a jam-packed day at Wynchemna. We started our day with a delicious breakfast with our breakfast room groups and then headed off for fun lessons about sports, adjectives and much more. Our teachers are always so creative and energetic, getting us to think outside the box and enjoy ourselves. After lessons, we packed up our stuff and headed out to try kayaking and to play Canadian Football!
Canada’s summers are hotter than we expected, so we lathered on the sunscreen and headed for some fun in the sun. Kayaking alone seemed like a daunting task, but to our surprise it was overly fun and we were better at it than we could ever imagine! We splashed each other for fun and also to cool down.
After kayaking around the reservoir, we tried our best at Canadian Football! Our teachers were like professionals, teaching us the ins and outs of throwing, catching and running plays. Our camp Roland even joined in on the fun when he came with the bus! After our game, we headed over to the river to take class pictures and group photos by the beautiful river. Canada has so many bodies of water!
Dinner tonight was at Denny’s, a popular Canadian restaurant. It was so yummy, we understand why Candadians love it; we do too! We came back to our residence after eating and quickly got dressed up for our Casino Night. We put on our fanciest clothes and made sure we looked our best. Together, we went to the Wynchemna Casino. The tables were set up with games to spend and win money, and our teachers gave us thousands of Wynchemna dollars to start. We could guess how many chocolate covered raisins were in the jar for a chance to win them all and bought snacks to enjoy throughout our night. Some of the boys were so clever- they bought all of the snacks with their winnings to sell for even higher prices. Luckily for some of us, Norch bought all the resell snacks and made them free for everyone! At the end of the night, we counted our cash and bet in the auction for the greatest Canadian prizes. In the end, we worked together to pool our money to come out on top to win prizes. Our night and day were spectacular!

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