The owls rolled out of bed to enjoy a tasty continental breakfast at the Econolodge hotel. We chatted with our friends and enjoyed a relaxing start to the day. Afterwards, we headed to the SAIT library to type up our Wynchemna newspaper articles! We all came up with creative and unique pieces of writing as we reminisced about our time spent with our teachers and friends. When we finalized our writing, we walked to the mall for some pizza, pasta and salad, before making our way back to SAIT. Once we arrived at SAIT, we wrote “airport letters” for each other which included kind and humorous notes including poems, jokes, and memories! We cannot read these notes until we are on the airplane to head back home. So exciting!

In the afternoon, the campers were awarded with Certificates, officially recognizing their hard work in English lessons, and highlighting their best qualities! After the exciting ceremony, students exchanged pictures and shared some laughs as they remembered the fun and interesting experiences that they had over the summer.

After our ceremony, we went to Montana’s and enjoyed our last supper all together in Calgary! We were dressed up and ready to celebrate our successes and fun times with a dance party! It was so much fun! We are sad to be saying goodbye to all of the amazing people we have met here; but, it is bittersweet knowing that we will be on our way home to see our friends and family, and knowing that we have so many new friends from all around the world.

The Soaring Horned Owls fly home…

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