Today was such a fun day for the Splashing Snapping Turtles. As usual, we kickstarted our day with some yummy food in our breakfast room. Then, it was time for some fun lessons where we discussed camping and Canada. Our morning finished off with a delicious lunch in Happy hut where we filled our bellies with lots of meat, vegetables and fruit.

Our afternoon was especially exciting because we were divided into our groups for camping. We split up into seven teams : the wolves, caribou, beavers, grizzlies, loons,lynxes and moose! The groups got together and designed their own team t-shirts, poster and song! Everybody channelled their inner artists as they created amazing art and music. Once we were done, we head-to-head in team games like tug-of-war, dizzy bat, water balloon toss and the lifesaver challenge! At the end of the day we presented our work to the other groups! It was so much fun!

Once the games and presentations were done, we went inside and got our sleeping bags and clothes ready for CAMPING! It would be our last night sleeping at SAIT because the next five nights will be spent under the beautiful Alberta sky! Hurray!

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