Today was a revolutionary day in Wynchemna history, never before has any group here at SAIT achieved the feats that were achieved here today. Today was the first ever… the royal premier… the grand opening of the amazing Wynchemna’s Got Talent Show!

The day started off with a rather relaxing morning as we awoke not in our tents, but in our warm and comfy beds! After a tearful reunion with our breakfast groups, and a nostalgic breakfast (maybe more tears were shed over the waffles than the breakfast groups) we announced the Talent show and off we all went, teachers and students to plan and prepare for a perfect performance.

The stage was set, row upon row of seats lay facing the stage… the students in the audience sat filled with anticipation and awe as they stared at our enchanting host Izabella who slowly raised her hand quieting the crowd and shouted “Welcome all, to the first ever, Wynchemna’s Got Talent!

There was some seriously stupendous singing, some dangerously delightful dancing, magically magical magic and even some amazing and astounding art. The building shook with cheers of approval, bouts of laughter and cries of amazement. Even our most stern judges (teachers) couldn’t help but join in on the cheering some of us even shed some tears!

Overall the talent show was one of the best nights we’ve had so far, and that’s saying a lot! As we go to bed, our heads are filled with all the astounding acts we witnessed that will surely become some of our most treasured memories.

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