Time sure flies, It doesn’t feel that long ago since everyone landed here in Calgary and we were all nervous and excited to meet one another. What a journey it has been!

The day started off with bouts of laughter punctuated by some tear filled moments as the students watched our camp’s farewell slideshow which showcased many of our favourite memories of camp. Letting go of our nostalgia just a little, we went to the computer lab to type up our Wynchemna’s articles as well as some airplane letters to other campers, after this we went to the grand hall in SAIT for the Wynchemna Award Ceremony. Every student received prizes and certificates for their hard work and the loving kindness that was shown to everyone at Wynchemna, the hall was filled with cheers and applause as each student went up to claim their due.

But forget all this formal nostalgic business, its our last night here in Canada lets PARTY! We headed over to the Wynchemna Ball and danced our night away! It was so much fun there everyone was teaching each other such amazingly cool dance moves! No one went to bed wanting to spend every last moment with each other.

After, we all hung out till dawn. There were so many tearful goodbyes, even some of teachers couldn’t hold back when the crying started! It’s always hard to say goodbye at the end, but we all leave with promises of visiting and exploring each others countries. We know we all still have so much to learn from each other and we look forward to seeing each other again and are grateful for the time we got to spend together.

P.S. Thank you to all the students for making this camp one of the most fun and memorable experiences in our entire life, wish you all the best and sincerely hope to see you again one day!
With Love, From The Teachers: Kathleen, Bailey, Lucas, Jessica, Izabela, Wes, Eloise and Ryan

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