Another incredible day has passed at Wynchemna! After filling our bellies with a nutritious and tasty breakfast we worked hard during our english lessons. In between lessons, we did some laundry, leaving our clothes smelling fresh! Some of us shopped until we dropped at The Core shopping centre in downtown, Calgary. Meanwhile, other Porcupines landed in Calgary and made their way to the SAIT residence. Those who arrived today saw the breathtaking cityscape from from the 14th floor and explored the beautiful university campus. To get to know each other we played an entertaining game of bingo and all the campers made new friends. Afterwards we played a competitive dodgeball game that left us feeling hungry, so we enjoyed Subway sandwiches and some other scrumptious snacks during a relaxing picnic on the lawn. Bedtime approached as the Porcupines continued to mingle and check-in. What a day! We are looking forward to spending some quality time together this summer.

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