Soaring Horned Owls – July 29th – Lessons, Badminton, and Swimming!

Today was jam packed full of fun! We started our day eating a delicious breakfast with our breakfast groups before heading off for our first English lesson at Wynchemna. We were a bit timid about starting lessons but to our surprise they were interactive, fun lessons that we learned and laughed a lot in. After […]

Marmots- July 29, 2018 – A Day at the Pool

This morning, the students started off their day with nutritious breakfasts as well as an English lesson. They had a very tight schedule today filled with great activities so we headed on over to Southland Leisure Centre right after the English lesson for some fun sports and activities. We started off by playing some badminton […]

Cunning Arctic Foxes – July 28th, 2018 – Basketball and Swimming

Today the foxes had a delicious breakfast with their new friends before heading straight to a community center to play badminton and basketball! For lunch, we had a picnic where the kids all tried the most Canadian food of all, Tim Hortons, where they discovered what Timbits were! After our outdoor lunch in the park, […]

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