Hooting Snowy Owls/ Hissing Prairie Rattle snakes – English Examination, Bowling, Swimming – June 28th, 2016

Today marked the true beginning of camp at Wynchemna. At 9 AM students attended their first daily breakfast prepared by the teachers. At breakfast the teachers informed the students of the rules for living in residence. Together the students and teachers cleaned up their kitchens and put the food away. After breakfast everyone gathered in […]

Chuckling Bison – July 14 2015 – Bowlin and Splashin Around

Lucky Strike! After their first English lessons, the Bisons headed to a Calgary Bowling Alley to test out their skills at bowling. There were several first timers, but the scores certainly didn’t reflect that! We had some scores as high as 150s! BRAVO! After bowling, we rushed over to the Southland Leisure Centre for hours […]

Growling Grizzlies – July 7 2015 – Time to Bingo!

Today we had the perfect weather for the perfect day. It was sunny and warm enough for us to enjoy the outdoors but with a nice cool breeze which is perfect for baseball. First we learned how to throw and catch using a glove and then we put our batting skills to test. For some […]

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