On Belay? Belay On!: Another Thrilling Adventure for the Wapitis

What an action-packed day for the Chattering Wapitis! Our July 7th adventures started with the usual breakfast, English (or French) lessons, and lunch. However, when the clock struck 14:15, we all boarded the bus to go rock climbing and play volleyball. While this would be the end of a day at any other camp, Wynchemna’s […]

Wolves and Wapiti – July 2 2015- Climbing Sulphur

The patriotic celebrations went a little late night. The teachers felt a little generous (and sorry) and began breakfast at 10:30 am. After the usual deliciousness, we got ready for our day trip to Banff National Park. The day ahead had us hiking the tough Sulfur Mountain followed by a relaxing dip in the nearby […]

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