Soaring Horned Owls – August 5 – The Great Canadian Race

Today was another non-stop and fun day at wynchemna! We started out eating a scrumptious breakfast with our friends and headed off to our lessons. We learned all about idioms, did scavenger hunts to create our own stories and tried to figure out which of our friends elaborate stories were true and which were false. […]

Marmots August 3, 2018 – Golf and Paperclip Game

Holy smokes! What a wildly-fun day here at Wynchemna! Our campers got to sleep in a little bit this morning because of the crazy day yesterday, so they were fully-energized by the time breakfast rolled around. After another vintage Wynchemna breakfast of fruit, waffles, eggs, bagels, toast and cereal the students headed to their lessons […]

Cunning Arctic Foxes – August 2nd 2018 – The Great Calgary Race

Today was a crazy day for these Foxes! They started off the day with a great breakfast and some had the pleasure of having their English and French classes outside. Some students arrived last night and this morning so they had the chance to all get to know each other during breakfast and lessons. They […]

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