Whispering Northern Raccoons – August 6th, 2017 – Around the World in Five Plates!

The raccoons were well rested this morning, enjoying a late breakfast of delicious Canadian bacon and eggs! Our camp favourite! After breakfast, we headed into our classrooms for some fun English lessons. Today the students shared in each other’s cultures, learned about Canada and Canadian stereotypes, and got creative with designing their own country! What […]

August 3rd 2016, Welcome New Students!! – Bugling Woodland Caribous

As the students rose for breakfast, they knew that today was going to be a busy day. The students finalized their move to the eighth floor to allow for twenty five new students to join their camp. Following a delicious breakfast and three informative lessons, everyone walked throughout SAIT campus to arrive at its cafeteria […]

Hissing Prairie Rattlesnakes – International Supper! – July 18th 2016

It was a relaxing day at Wynchemna. Everything lead up to the infamous “International Dinner.” After breakfast and three thrilling lessons, the students met outside of SAIT to start the epic adventure of making their country’s dishes. All students were split up into country groups: Japan, Taiwan, Spain, China, Italy, Mexico, Czech Republic, and France/Quebec. […]

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