Cunning Arctic Foxes – August 13th, 2018 – Drumheller Trip

Today was a great day for the foxes!! The students started off the day with a great breakfast and a lesson. It wasn’t just a regular lesson though…they got to write newspaper articles about this camp, what they enjoyed most and so much more. After this lesson, they got to go to the computer lab […]

Bugling Woodland Caribous – New Arrivals – July 27, 2016

As the sun appeared from behind the clouds and students arose from their sleep, a new day began as new arrivals joined throughout the day. A sleepy start as they ate breakfast and met their new teachers, the day kicked off to a flying start when the students met each other. As time passed, the […]

Chattering Flying Squirrels – Tent Games and Pizza Party – July 27, 2016

Our exciting day began after a nutritious breakfast prepared by both teachers and students. The Chattering Flying Squirrels then headed to their classes, all greeted by their teachers who were eager to teach them the joys of the English language. Lunch followed lessons, with tent games afterwards. Students enjoyed bonding with their tent mates through […]

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