Soaring Horned Owls – August 13/14 – Shopping, Movies and Wychemna’s got Talent!!!

On the first day, everyone was ecstatic about what the day will bring… Shopping!!! Right after a healthy breakfast and some amazing lessons about love, grammar games, and water madlibs! After we eagerly hopped on the bus and took off for Chinook Shopping Mall. The whole day was spent at mall, shopping, eating and watching […]

Chattering Flying Squirrels – Beach Volleyball, Rock Climbing, Boston Pizza – July 26, 2016

Today the students woke up with olympic fever. Though the opening ceremony does not start until August 4th, the students ate olympic sized breakfasts. Why was olympic fever in the air you ask? Because today was beach volleyball and rock climbing. Rumour had it that some of the countries were short a few volleyball players […]

Chattering Flying Squirrels – Golfing, Rock Climbing, Loose Moose – July 22, 2016

The Chattering Flying Squirrels were off to a bright and early start this morning, with a 9 a.m. breakfast of the usual but always delicious eggs, bacon, cereal, waffles, fruit and yogurt. Following this, the students attended two English lessons (which continued to enrich their knowledge of the English language). Next, Happy Hut provided everyone […]

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