Cunning Arctic Foxes – August 12, 2018 – Hockey, Skating and Loose Moose

Such an amazing day for the Cunning Arctic Foxes today! They started off the day with a great breakfast and two short English and French lessons. Little did they know….they had two more short lessons planned for the evening (which they enjoyed anyways). They later enjoyed a great and nutritious lunch and then they had […]

Whispering Northern Raccoons – August 6th, 2017 – The Fastest Ice On Earth!

This morning the raccoons enjoyed a delightful breakfast consisting of yogurt, fresh fruit, waffles, and maple syrup to fuel the day! Next, English lessons with our favourite teachers and then a tasty lunch. Yummy! After lessons, we headed to the Calgary Olympic Oval for good ol’ Canadian ice skating! Some of us learned to skate […]

Galloping Western Mustangs – July 30, 2017 – The Gambling & Skating Stangs

These Mustangs were able to rest in their stables until 10:00am this morning. This extra rest preserved their energy for skating later in the day. Mustangs aren’t known for their skating skills, but they gave it a try anyway. After their delicious breakfast, their English lessons, and their tasty lunch, we headed off to the […]

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