Soaring Horned Owls – August 13/14 – Shopping, Movies and Wychemna’s got Talent!!!

On the first day, everyone was ecstatic about what the day will bring… Shopping!!! Right after a healthy breakfast and some amazing lessons about love, grammar games, and water madlibs! After we eagerly hopped on the bus and took off for Chinook Shopping Mall. The whole day was spent at mall, shopping, eating and watching […]

Soaring Horned Owls – August 12 – Camping Team Prep and HOCKEY!!!

Today was a busy day for the Owls. They woke up a little bit earlier this morning to get their laundry done. Then, after the usual but always delicious breakfast of waffles, eggs, bacon, fruit, yogurt and bagels with cream cheese, they headed to their lessons. Although the lessons were very interesting, the students could […]

Stomping Striped Porcupines – Aug 6, 2018 – Wynchemna’s Got Talent!

Today was a revolutionary day in Wynchemna history, never before has any group here at SAIT achieved the feats that were achieved here today. Today was the first ever… the royal premier… the grand opening of the amazing Wynchemna’s Got Talent Show! The day started off with a rather relaxing morning as we awoke not […]

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