What a day! We started off with a delicious breakfast, waffles and Nutella being the continued favourite in this camp!

Then our first lesson had a special twist, we made a camp newspaper! Some students paired off and others decided to go solo writing articles about their time here at Wynchemna! We had top ten fails, best moments, favourite activities and some treasured memories! What a great chance to get to bring all our memories together.

After lunch about a third of our camp escaped for a back country camping trip! They’re going to meet up with us at our site and we are sure they’re having an amazing time and will see quite the sunrise in the morning.

We then had two more lessons before running off to play hockey. A Canadian favourite! We slipped and slid our way around the ice shooting the pucks and showing our skills! A great sport before heading back to clean clean clean!

Before cleaning though we had a VERY important celebration! Petr our dear friend from Czech turned 18 today! We have had so many birthday’s this camp and so many more to come, what a great chance to experience such an important day with new friends in such a beautiful country.

Ending our night with some hard work was nothing compared to the excitement running through our camp as we did our final preparations for camping! Tomorrow is the day! Can’t wait to update you all when we get back!

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