Some days you’ve just got to relax…and that’s what the Chattering Wapitis treated themselves to today.

Our day started with a (much appreciated) later breakfast. The students then attended their English (or French) language lessons and had lunch. In the afternoon, the students took class and group pictures. We spent the rest of the afternoon diligently cleaning our apartments, doing laundry (for the very first time for some of the students!) and packing for our upcoming five-day trip. Following dinner, the students were given free time, where our Student of the Day was crowned: Zension! Hopefully you have received a call from your son or daughter this evening, as we are leaving tomorrow to go camping in the Canadian Rockies. The students will not have phone or Internet access during their stay. For that reason, the Chattering Wapitis teachers will be inactive on this website over the next few days. We promise to update you the second we get back!

What we have to look forward to during our camping trip:

  • Mountain hiking
  • Horseback riding at Lake Louise or visiting the Columbia ice fields
  • Mountain biking


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