It seems just like yesterday when I wrote the final blog from the summer of 2014 after spending the day hiking in the mountains and now I am writing the final blog of the summer of 2015. For the first time in 20 years, all of our students had departed for home just after lunch. Normally, we are still taking students to the airport in the evening, but this year the whole afternoon and evening were free so the teachers and I headed to the Riley Park for some much needed R & R, thus the last photo of the summer of 2015.

Wynchemna is celebrating 20 years and once again I received amazing feedback from the students like one unusual student who worked part time through out the school year to pay for part of the course fees to attend Wynchemna. His parents paid the remaining part. He told me he met many students from different parts of the world and now has the bug to travel around the world. He said it opened his eyes so much to see and hear the experiences of other students visiting different places in the world and he now wants to experience different cultures and countries. He said: “Roland, Wynchemna changed my life”.

As you all know, Wynchemna does tons of different recreational activities and we also spend a week in the mountains camping and full of various activities so I often ask the students what their favourite thing at Wynchemna is – expecting students to say rock climbing, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, etc, but this response totally took me by surprise because he said: “meeting students from around the world and finding out how they see ‘things’ from their view point and culture”.

I must say that is actually one of the unique goals of Wynchemna: meeting people from around the world through language lessons, activities and spending time in nature during the camping trip in the Canadian Rockies.

So it was a fitting way to hear such positive responses from students for Wynchemna’s 20th anniversary and I realized that I still want to do Wynchemna for another 20 more years, ok., maybe only 15…….

Another summer to remember……and what was your favourite memory from summer?


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