An early start today for our Raccoons today, well not that early we’ve just been spoiled with sleeping in lately! We started our day with a hearty Canadian breakfast, bacon and eggs! Of course there was also waffles with the delicious maple syrup. We jumped right into lessons after that! Everyone left their classes with huge smiles on their faces, must have been some fun times happening here!

We had a very very busy afternoon ahead of us so good thing we had a yummy lunch at Teriyaki Experience. There were so many options for our students to choose from, it was great to see everyone variety in tastes as they ordered their favourite foods!

Then we headed out to canoeing and baseball. Many of our students have never done either activity, so it was a big learning curve. Luckily also a very fun one. Some students scored some home runs and their smiles were visible from across the field. Other students had some light water fights with their paddles out in the reservoir. A great afternoon for everyone!

Our day wasn’t even close to being done yet though, stop one; dinner! Boston Pizza provided us all with not only amazing pasta but also with some steamy garlic bread, such a treat. We headed back to SAIT for our final lesson and Loose Moose!

The students laughed and bonded as they played improv games and settled in for some more lessons. It was a busy, fun, exciting day here at Wynchemna!

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