Every morning starts with a complete breakfast at Wynchemna, with cereal, milk, eggs, waffles, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas (they’re actually berries!) and more. Everything to keep our Raccoons energized throughout all their lessons. Usually, we complete all our lessons in the morning and then our students head off to do our adventurous activities, but today, our Racoons did something strange. We left lessons incomplete!

We had good reason, since this morning the SAIT Spartans Hockey and Ice Skating Teams let our Raccoons use their ice to play some hockey. Our student have played on concrete before, but today, on ice, was a whole different story. In running shoes, shooting, sometimes scoring, and always having fun, this will definitely become a beloved Wynchemna memory.

We had more sports planned for the afternoon, so after some fresh fried fish, spectacularly sliced vegetables, and terrifically tossed salad, our Raccoons ran over to the reservoir again for some kayaking and Canadian football.

Our Raccoons paddled swiftly through the water. Many of them, like with canoeing, were trying this Watersport for the first time. Kayaks proved a bit more of a challenge, as many of our Racoons tipped into the water. Still the day was sunny, so after waterspouts came more sports: Canadian football.

Canadian football was even stranger to our students, with its stopping and starting, pointy ball, and loud whistles. Though our Raccoons always have a great attitude. They ran, threw, caught, and kicked so well, approaching the game with so much intensity that we teachers were almost worried.

Why were we worried? Our Raccoons had to complete two more lessons in the evening. With the energy they brought to all the day’s activities we were worried they wouldn’t have any left for our evenings Lessons. We had nothing to worry about since the Raccoons. Our Racoons had so much energy. Though, Raccoons, as often they do when the sun sets, will surprise you!

And then was another surprise! Adele’s birthday! After along evening of learning, she came out to the common room to a beautiful cake, and her Wynchemna friends singing for her.

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