This morning we had a late breakfast of waffles and eggs and bacon! Our favourite! After breakfast, we headed to lessons where we learned about poetry, acronyms, alliteration, and played some fun English games! Next, we were off to lunch, enjoying some delicious spring rolls, fish, and fruit and vegetables!

After lunch, we decided on tent groups for our upcoming camping trip! We practiced setting up our tents and got our sleeping bags ready to go! Next, we did some bonding activities with our teams, like make T-shirts, slogans, and songs! We also got competitive and played games against other tent teams like a sponge race, water balloon toss, toothpick race, and tug-of-war!

For dinner, we had pizza, ice cream, and apple juice! We ended our evening with some free time with our friends to relax before our very exciting day trip tomorrow to Drumheller, the dinosaur capital of the world!

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