The raccoons were well rested this morning, enjoying a late breakfast of delicious Canadian bacon and eggs! Our camp favourite!
After breakfast, we headed into our classrooms for some fun English lessons. Today the students shared in each other’s cultures, learned about Canada and Canadian stereotypes, and got creative with designing their own country! What a wonderful morning!
Finishing up lessons, the students found their head chef for tonight’s international supper and had lunch together on the way to the grocery store. Our students helped their head chefs pick out the food they needed to cook supper and then we headed to the kitchen for the afternoon!

After many hours of boiling, chopping, and frying, our supper finally came together. It looked and tasted DELICIOUS. We enjoyed sauerkraut from Germany, taro dessert from Taiwan, crepes from France, potato pancakes from Russia, Sushi from Japan, and hot pot from China!

We ended our night with some karaoke. Singing and dancing together was just the right activity to conclude our fun filled day!

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