This morning the raccoons enjoyed a delightful breakfast consisting of yogurt, fresh fruit, waffles, and maple syrup to fuel the day! Next, English lessons with our favourite teachers and then a tasty lunch. Yummy!

After lessons, we headed to the Calgary Olympic Oval for good ol’ Canadian ice skating! Some of us learned to skate for the first time, while others practiced new skills like skating backwards! Some people grabbed the skate assists to lean on as they made their way around the circle.

Heading back to school, we chose some head chefs from Russia, France, Germany, China, and Mexico to teach the rest of the students to cook traditional foods that we will all share tomorrow for supper. Some of these foods, students haven’t even heard of! It’s gonna be so exciting for them all to learn how to cook them together.

The evening consisted of sharing lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and ice cream while playing board games with our new roommates. One of our students, Adele, taught her group poker! Our quietest player wiped out the whole group winning big in the game. Other groups played clue, or monopoly or different card games. The day ended with prizes and laughs. Our Great Canadian Race winners were from our teacher, Eddy’s group, there were cheers all around for their creative poses in all their pictures downtown. Our student of the day was Chihiro, we love how encouraging she always is to the other students and how determined she is to learn new English words here at Wynchemna.

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