Today was a Canadian holiday, heritage day! We celebrated like traditional Canadians by taking the day to relax. We slept in and had a late breakfast consisting of waffles and maple syrup, pancakes, bacon and eggs! We also caught up on chores such as laundry. In between relaxing and laundry, we got into our classes for our English lessons! We learned about Canadian stereotypes, advertisements, and horoscopes!

In the evening we headed off to a Canadian favourite restaurant, Denny’s, for a delicious meal. We had eggs and potato, sandwiches, salmon, and quesadillas! Yummy! After enjoying our meal with our friends, we went to a disco roller rink! We skated our hearts out, danced under the disco ball, and sang along to the party music. Some of us tried roller skates for the first time, and others were so excited to give their new friends skating tips and tricks. What a fun and relaxing day for these raccoons to end the Canadian ‘August Long Weekend.’ Happy heritage day!

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