Another successful day at Wynchemna!

We started he day off with a heart breakfast of eggs, bacon, waffles and lots of fruits. During breakfast, our teachers told us the activities of the day and we couldn’t have been more excited. They told us that we were going rock climbing and going to play golf during the day and at night, we were going to have a casino night.

After our lessons and a lunch of yummy chicken and fried rice, we went to our first activity. Learning how to rock climb was so much fun! We learnt how to tie a knot with multiple ropes and how to climb while belaying a partner. After that, we went to play golf. We learnt how to hit the golf ball like professional golf players and then competed to who can hit the ball the furthest!

When we finished the activities, we went to eat supper at Swiss Chalet where we spoke about how high up we climbed and how hard we hit the golf balls.

Finally, when we got back to SAIT we had a casino night! We all got dressed up and went to another night that we would never forget. We played with Monopoly money and learnt to play poker like champions!

We’re super excited to know what our plans are for tomorrow!

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