Soaring Horned Owls- Last Day!

The owls rolled out of bed to enjoy a tasty continental breakfast at the Econolodge hotel. We chatted with our friends and enjoyed a relaxing start to the day. Afterwards, we headed to the SAIT library to type up our Wynchemna newspaper articles! We all came up with creative and unique pieces of writing as we reminisced about our time spent with our teachers and friends. When we finalized our writing, we walked to the mall for some pizza, pasta and salad, before making our way back to SAIT. Once we arrived at SAIT, we wrote “airport letters” for each other which included kind and humorous notes including poems, jokes, and memories! We cannot read these notes until we are on the airplane to head back home. So exciting!

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Soaring Horned Owls- Camping!

Day 1
In preparation for our camping trip, we enjoyed some informative and helpful lessons where we learned about camping and bear safety, as well as some exciting games that helped us practice storytelling and speaking. We packed up our bags and headed towards the mountains, anticipating our upcoming adventures in the wilderness. Once we arrived at Pocaterra, we admired our beautiful surroundings, then worked as a team to set up for the days ahead. Once we were settled in our tents beside the majestic riverfront, we cooked a delectable meal of chicken souvlaki, alongside various appetizers and healthy snacks. The owls surrounded the fire pit, where they kindled a fire and enjoyed the warmth of the blazing flames in the cool and peaceful night, before heading into their tents to sleep under the stars.

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Soaring Horned Owls – August 13/14 – Shopping, Movies and Wychemna’s got Talent!!!

On the first day, everyone was ecstatic about what the day will bring… Shopping!!! Right after a healthy breakfast and some amazing lessons about love, grammar games, and water madlibs! After we eagerly hopped on the bus and took off for Chinook Shopping Mall. The whole day was spent at mall, shopping, eating and watching movies.

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